The SpeakUp Forum works directly and collaboratively with the public sector in East Sussex. One of the key mechanisms we use for doing this is to appoint SpeakUp members to cross-sector partnerships. SpeakUp representatives do not represent their own organisations in such partnerships – instead they represent the interests and perspectives of the SpeakUp countywide network.  

SpeakUp representatives provide a two-way pathway for sharing concerns, opportunities, developments and aspirations between the voluntary and community sector and the county’s strategic planning processes. We work with East Sussex County Council, the local Clinical Commissioning Groups and other key public sector bodies to make strategic decisions about services in East Sussex.  

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Connecting 4 You Programme Board

Connecting 4 You seeks to improve local health and social care for the population of High Weald, Lewes and the Havens. It involves looking at the health and care needs of everyone and sets out how we can improve and promote health and wellbeing, prevent avoidable ill health and better coordinate support services, including technology, equipment and accommodation. It aims to support people in times of need, help them stay out of hospital and, if they do have to go to hospital, get them home again as soon as possible. Connecting 4 You supports wider plans to transform health and social care services across Sussex and will help us respond to the rising demand on services, whilst managing a restricted budget. The Programme Board sets the strategic direction for C4Y.

Partnership administrator: Emily Smith | 01273 403615 (ext. 3615) |

SpeakUp rep: Adam Chugg, Jennifer Twist and Steve Hare

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Connecting 4 You Operational Delivery Group

NHS High Weald Lewes Havens CCG is working with partner organisations from health, social care, housing and community services, as well as with local people to improve the delivery of health, care and support services and to improve the health and wellbeing of local people. The C4Y Operational Delivery Group helps steer a number of local Communities of Practice in which local partner organisations work together to plan, design and deliver more integrated services that better meet local needs.

Partnership administrator: Emily Smith | 01273 403615 (ext. 3615)   

SpeakUp rep: Adam Chugg, Jennifer Twist and Steve Hare

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ESBT Community Services Planning and Design Group

This group focuses on the full range of integrated services and pathways that are provided outside of the acute hospital inpatient services to support older people and people with long term conditions and disabilities, including services that help avoid unnecessary admission to hospital and successful transition out of hospital. 

Partnership administrator: Emma Winter|07342 064548 |

SpeakUp rep: Neil Blanchard

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ESBT Integrated Care System Development Group

The ESBT ICS Development Group has been set up on a task and finish basis to enable the ESBT Alliance Governing Board to develop proposals for the future ESBT delivery model for our system, through exploring the options for integrated accountable care and making recommendations for the most appropriate vehicle to deliver high quality, effective care for the population covered by the ESBT footprint.     

Partnership administrator: Andy Lane | 01273-485343 |

SpeakUp rep: Neil Blanchard, Steve Hare and Penny Shimmin

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ESBT: Personal Resilience and Community Resilience Planning and Design Group

Improving health and embedding prevention across the system is a core part of place based whole systems transformation programmes in East Sussex (East Sussex Better Together (ESBT) and as part of Connecting4 You (C4Y) in the West of the county).  The PRCR Programme has a particular focus on:

  • how we can make best use of our settings – the places where people spend their lives such as communities, schools, nurseries, health care settings and workplaces – to embed  primary prevention activity

  • improving community resilience by building on communities’ strengths, assets and energies to tackle health inequalities. 

  • developing a ‘whole system’ approach where communities and the wider public health workforce are seen as an integral part of the health and social care delivery system.

The programme is predicated on re-designing systems across health, social care, voluntary sector and wider partners to improve health outcomes.

Partnership administrator: Terry Hume | 01273 337572 | 

SpeakUp rep: Adam Chugg, Steve Hare

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ESBT Personal Resilience and Community Resilience Subgroup: Involved Communities and Volunteering

Partnership administrator: Terry Hume | 01273 337572 | 

SpeakUp rep: Jennifer Twist

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ESBT Personal Resilience and Community Resilience Subgroup: Resourcing

Partnership administrator: Terry Hume | 01273 337572 |

SpeakUp rep: Steve Hare

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Skills East Sussex (Employment and Skills Board)

The purpose of the Employment and Skills Board is to understand demand and build capacity for learning and skills in East Sussex, whether it is learning for leisure or developing job skills. It provides a forum for partners to work together to improve the wellbeing of individuals, communities and businesses and the future prosperity of the county.

Partnership administrator: Caroline Bragg | 01323 463533 |

SpeakUp rep: Penny Shimmin

East Sussex Equalities and Involvement Network

The East Sussex Equality and Involvement Network brings together statutory, community, voluntary and social enterprise sector organisations, who share a common interest in equality and involvement issues and who take a partnership approach to improving service delivery through raising awareness of people of different backgrounds, cultures and identities who live and work in East Sussex.

Overall aims:

  • To provide a forum for informed discussion on equality and public involvement, working together to research, co-ordinate, assist and encourage effective solutions to local issues.

  • To work towards closing the gaps in service and information provision and help shape equality analysis outcomes, policies and procedures effectively in the statutory and community, voluntary and social enterprise sectors.

  • To share information, new initiatives, views and evidence: learning about each other and from each other, highlighting and promoting areas of good practice and opportunities to work together.

  • To recognise the experience and knowledge of individual members and enable the whole membership co-ordinate engagement and involvement opportunities and have wider access to networks; building member organisations capacity to influence and disseminate information

Partnership administrator: Charlotte Papworth | 01323 747462 |    

SpeakUp rep: Alan Bruzon and Geraldine Des Moulins

East Sussex Falls and Fractures Prevention Reference Group

The East Sussex falls and fractures prevention reference group aims to:

  • Provide a forum to shape, plan, review and support falls and fracture prevention initiatives, strategies and policy across sectors, settings (community and acute), stakeholders, and commissioned and non-commissioned services

  • Be a critical friend and champion for commissioned and non-commissioned falls and fracture prevention initiatives to ensure maximum impact

  • Share learning and good practice in relation to falls and fracture prevention and management

  • Monitor, review and analyse falls, fracture and service data, in order to benchmark performance against relevant standards, inform decision making, and contribute to the improvements in falls and fracture related data capture, monitoring and analysis

  • Facilitate consultation, cooperation and liaison between services and key stakeholders

  • Promote a consistent, coordinated, sustainable and evidence based approach to falls and fracture prevention and management across East Sussex through partnership working

  • Identify opportunities to add value to core service developments

  • Support activities that help increase public awareness of risk factors and consequences of falls and fractures and increase uptake of preventative strategies

Partnership administrator: Samantha Tullett | 01323 463410 |

SpeakUp reps: Charles Sheldon

East Sussex Health and Wellbeing Board

The HWB is a statutory Council committee with membership from all three East Sussex CCGs, Healthwatch and representation from District and Borough Councils.  It ensures there is a shared understanding of countywide health and wellbeing needs and a clear strategy to meet those needs. It provides strategic influence over commissioning decisions across health, social care and public health and strengthens democratic involvement to help create a more responsive health and care system.

Partnership administrator: Harvey Winder | 01273 481796 |

SpeakUp rep: Michelle Nice

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East Sussex Local Safeguarding Children Board

LSCBs have been established by the government to ensure that all organisations providing services for children work together effectively to safeguard children and promote their welfare. The core objectives of the East Sussex LSCB are:

  • To coordinate the work done by members of the LSCB to safeguard and promote the welfare of children in East Sussex, and

  • To ensure the work done by members of the LSCB is effective in safeguarding children in East Sussex.

Partnership administrator: Maxine Nankervis | 01273 481544 |

SpeakUp rep: Kate Lawrence

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East Sussex Safeguarding Adults Board

The Safeguarding Adults Board (SAB) is a multi-agency partnership that oversees and leads adult safeguarding across East Sussex and contributes to the prevention of abuse and neglect. The aims of the SAB are:

  • To ensure that all contact with adults at risk within East Sussex is based on the requirement to promote well-being and prevent abuse and neglect, and to make enquiries and respond where an adult safeguarding concern exists.

  • To identify strategic aims that will assist and improve multiagency safeguarding work

  • To ensure the effectiveness of partner agencies’ activity to safeguard adults.

  • To ensure that different services and professional groups co-operate and work in partnership to safeguard adults across East Sussex.

  • To work in partnership with other relevant bodies to create a safer community for all.

Partnership administrator: Admin | 01273 335277 | 

SpeakUp rep: Sarah Bray

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East Sussex Strategic Partnership 

East Sussex Strategic Partnership (ESSP) brings together different parts of our local community - public services, local businesses, community groups and voluntary sector organisations. It was set up in 2000 to help organisations work together in a coordinated way to plan local services, tackle the issues that matter to local people and improve quality of life in East Sussex. The partnership aims to create and sustain:

  • A vibrant, diverse and sustainable economy.

  • Great places to live in, visit and enjoy.

  • Safe, healthy and fulfilling lives.

ESSP’s plans to deliver its vision and long-term aims are laid out in Pride of Place, the Sustainable Community Strategy for East Sussex

Partnership administrator: Sarah Feather | 01273 335712 |

SpeakUp reps: Steve Manwaring (Chair of ESSP)

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East Sussex Strategic Partnership: Financial Inclusion Steering Group

Financial Inclusion Steering Group oversees the Financial Inclusion Action Plan. It sets out a range of actions, including improving the offer of the sector, increasing access to welfare rights and debt advice, beating the poverty premium, building financial capability, developing a ‘no wrong door approach’ to service provision and driving progress on financial inclusion.

Partnership administrator: Sarah Feather | 01273 335712 | 

SpeakUp rep: Alan Bruzon

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Health Overview and Scrutiny Committee 

The East Sussex Health Overview and Scrutiny Committee (HOSC) is a committee of elected councillors and voluntary sector representatives that scrutinises (carries out an independent check on) healthcare services in East Sussex. HOSC looks at health issues and suggests ways that health services might be improved in East Sussex. The Committee does this by scrutinising the work of NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs), NHS Trusts, the voluntary sector, and independent providers of healthcare, and acting as a ‘critical friend’ towards them.

Health is a complex area for scrutiny. Scrutinising everything undertaken by local NHS organisations and their partners and the wide range of issues affecting people’s health is not realistic, so HOSC will usually prioritise: major changes to health services; select reviews of health issues; and local health services in need of improvement.

Partnership administrator: Harvey Winder | 01273 48179|

SpeakUp reps: Jennifer Twist and Geraldine Des Moulins

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South East Local Enterprise Partnership: Team East Sussex

Team East Sussex (TES) is the business/local government partnership tasked to drive forward economic growth in East Sussex and to represent East Sussex on the SELEP Board.

Partnership administrator: Dave Evans | 01273 335706 |

SpeakUp rep: Penny Shimmin

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