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Recognising, Understanding and Enhancing Third Sector Resilience

Wednesday 6th July, 9am - 4pm, International Lawn Tennis Centre, Eastbourne


Understanding Resilience: Within us, Between us and Beyond us

Trevor Hopkins – Asset Based Consulting

Trevor will argue that resilience in not just an individual trait but is an outcome of circumstances that enable all of us to seek and receive support in the face of challenges. External factors, relationships and resources are critical to resilience.

He will argue that individual and community resilience support each other. Communities make individuals resilient, but it is individual engagement with others and activism that builds community.

Trevor will draw on the long-established practice of Asset Based Community Development; the latest thinking on resilience for supporting transformation in people and communities; and a ‘Theory of Change’ that illustrates how all these factors connect and act together to improve community health, social care and wellbeing.


Recognising and Understanding Third Sector Resilience in East Sussex

East Sussex Voluntary and Community Sector/SpeakUp Forum: Tracy Dighton, Jayney Gascoigne, Marie Casey, Steve Manwaring

This presentation will bring resilience into context for the voluntary and community sector in East Sussex. It will describe the key changes, uncertainties and challenges that we are facing as a sector and as voluntary and community organisations in the county.

The presenters will then draw on grounded local experience and recent resilience research to explore the critical components of resilience that already exist for us, in terms of: internal characteristics of the sector (the assets that we have as a whole, and within our organisations, communities, and individuals); external resources that we can – and do – engage and develop; and relationships and partnerships within and beyond the sector.